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Your BIG idea

Moving from a great idea to a great business requires adept financial planning and strategic insight to ensure you’re building your business on the right foundation.

We customise our services to suit your unique requirements from qualifying the idea itself through to starting up your business.

This is an exciting and nerve-wracking time... you're crafting your ideas, testing the market, figuring out how to make your idea a reality and you're doing all of this fast!

We explore your ideas and business and provide you with insights, support and feedback as you develop your idea and when you're operating.

We can support bringing your idea to life.

When you're thinking...

If your idea's VIABLE

We support you with:

  • Guided strategic planning where we challenging your ideas, constraints and potential bias

  • Defining the pain points and exploring your (and other possible) solutions, including reviews of the industry and value chain

  • Start-up planning including financial, structural and resources planning

  • Defining success throughout the development cycle

  • Viability assessments

Starting or scaling


  • Strategy development; strategic planning and strategic financial support including business model assessments and identifying opportunities for monetization and commercialization

  • Understanding your assets and opportunities – challenging what you’re building and how to make it really work for you

  • Understanding why governance is important

  • Team-building – defining skills and recruitment support

  • Advisory and board participation with a focus on finance, strategy, governance and investment

  • Strategic search for the right people to take your venture to the next stage

about raising funds


  • Investment readiness assessments

  • Support to address gaps in your readiness, directly or through strategic partnerships with other experts

  • Understanding your business from an investor’s perspective

  • Development of investment material for use with potential investors

  • Advice and support on the investment fit and what it means to bring investors into your start-up

When you’re a key person it’s sometimes difficult to access the one-on-one support you need to proactively grow your own business skills and understanding while you’re focusing on your business, especially when so much depends on you.