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BUDGET with Capital Idea

BUDGET with Capital Idea

"Easy as paint by numbers"

Start your day by working ON your business!

Are you a small business owner, part of a start-up, SME, or just looking to understand and grow your business while improving your bottom line? We're here to help. 

In these sessions we'll be covering budgets and numbers in an easy non-accountant way. Perfect for all you business people who rely on your accountant or book-keeper to keep you up to date, but want to be more engaged with your numbers, in a non-jargon way.

Join us for the BUDGET Workshop which over the 2 x sessions will cover:

  • The importance of starting your year with a budget

  • Managing your business using your budget 

  • How to create a useful budget

  • The common challenges you'll face when creating your budget 

  • Through the workshops, we'll build your budget for the coming financial year

What you'll need:

Your laptop (if you have one), your last 12 or 24 month financials, printed in a monthly comparison format and your numbers hat!


2 x 2 hour sessions:

Part 1 - 2nd April

Part 2 - 9th April

8.30am - 10.30am

Tea and coffee provided