Growing You and Your Business

When you’re a key person it’s sometimes difficult to access the one-on-one support you need to proactively grow your own business skills and understanding while you’re focussing on your business, especially when so much depends on you.

Our Founders Support Package

Whether it's as simple as really understanding the business terminology used by financial institutions, or an understanding of the operational processes which underpin growing a business to scale, we are able to customise a Founders Support Package to meet your individual needs.


Founder mentoring

Supporting you on your own journey through goal setting, monthly face-to-face sessions and regular check-ins; providing you with a sounding board to work through your professional development opportunities as a Founder where you have the space to be vulnerable but are still challenged and encouraged to take the next steps.

Strategic planning for growth

Creating clear outcomes and measures for success; identifying when action needs to be taken and what that action looks like

Financial management for start-up and growth

Putting numbers to your ideas to see if they work; what numbers to take notice of, why and what to consider; forward planning to create a sustainable business

Resource planning

Understanding the type of resources you have and how they work together; estimating your resource needs and gaps for your growth plans; investigating whether your resources are working well and what to do with that information

Decision making for start-up and growth

Active decision making; the role of risk; creating the right decision frameworks for your business; understanding decision criteria and what decisions to delegate; developing a range of options

Governance and risk

Understanding how boards, committees and systems can help you and your business; identifying the right structures for your business, and when and how to change those structures; accepting and managing risk in your business; what succession planning means for you personally

Investor readiness

Understanding what it means to bring investors into your business, the changes it will bring and the impact it will have on the way you work; understanding what your investors are looking for when they invest in you and your business; working out what kind of investors are right for you