Scaling Your Business

Understanding how to recognise and manage the transitions from one stage of business growth to the next can make the difference between success and failure.

Our Range of Growth Packages

Our Growth Packages enable flexibility and responsiveness, which are key characteristics of successful businesses that have planned for growth and are ready for scaling up or diversifying.

We customise our Growth Packages to meet your business needs

Core Growth

Building on your current strengths

  • Strategy development
  • Virtual CFO services which include strategic planning, forecasting and performance measurement, ongoing financial management support and business insights
  • Resource forecasting and management
  • Embedding governance in your business

Diversified Growth

Expanding on your strengths and into new markets

  • Strategy development
  • Disruption and innovation workshops, opportunity and impact assessments and implementation planning
  • Change management support
  • Virtual CFO services, resource forecasting and management
  • Maintaining governance in your business and support with board or committee renewal


Keep doing what you're doing well

  • Virtual CFO services focussed on maintaining and improving returns
  • Succession planning for you, your business and your team


When you're ready to do something else

  • Business review and valuation
  • Readiness for sale or introducing new shareholders 

Investment Readiness

  • Market research, market sizing and competitor analysis
  • Business, revenue and financial model reviews
  • Business risk assessments
  • Development of investment material for use with potential investors
  • Advice and support on the investment fit and what it means to bring investors into your business