Cut through the noise and spend quality time with pre-qualified* ventures that are investment ready

We support investors in a number of ways

finding quality opportunities

  • Ventures that have been through the Capital Idea Investment Readiness program understand the value and potential of their venture as well as the needs of investors

  • We can provide an introduction to founders and ventures that may be suitable ventures


assessing opportunities

  • We provide an an independent opinion on a venture's investment readiness, including clarity on where business and readiness gaps may be

  • When you've found an interesting venture we can help you determine how investment ready the venture and founders are and what it will take to get ready 

supporting your ventures & founders

  • We work with the founders to understanding your needs as investors

  • When you've signed the deal, we prepare the ventures to onboard you as an investor including understanding the practicalities of shareholder agreements, reporting, control & governance, financial management, shareholder management etc

  • We help develop transition plans so that the first 30 & 100 days post raise are successful

* We do not provide investment advice; the information we provide is general information only and investors are responsible for their own due diligence.