The inspiration for our company; the agile and responsive kingfisher bird from North Queensland.

The inspiration for our company; the agile and responsive kingfisher bird from North Queensland.

It's a Capital Idea

Capital Idea is a niche consulting and advisory firm that specialises in customised business growth and commercialisation packages to support high potential SMEs, start-ups and their founders.

The challenges of growth can be experienced at all stages of the business lifecycle. Capital Idea brings an impressive suite of support packages normally associated with larger businesses to meet the specific needs and budget of your start-up or Small to Medium Enterprise (SME).

Our Virtual CFO package, in particular, is developed to enable small and agile businesses to address strategic financial considerations and keep a tight rein on cash flow expectations.

We have a particular passion for supporting founders and their key people to develop their own understanding of the financial language and processes which underpin their ability to scale ideas. In this way founders are supported to grow personally and professionally as their business grows.


Capital Idea delivers high level expertise and experience right when you need it:

  • Providing advice on business and growth strategies
  • Challenging your thinking to maximise your opportunities and resources
  • Working with you to build a viability assessment of your idea
  • Developing your business, revenue and financial models
  • Strategic and financial consulting based on the outcomes of research, modelling and assessments
  • Structuring and supporting day-to-day operations of your idea and business including planning, reporting and managing
  • Developing investment strategy and material for use with potential investors
  • Navigating business valuation assessments and options

Recent Commissions

Tech start-up | business services - Investment material for use with potential investors, included challenging founders’ thinking on operating and growth assumptions.

Tech start-up | crowd-funding – Advice on growth strategies, development of models, investment material and day-to-day operational support structures.

Tech start-up | multi-lingual messaging– Development of models, investment strategy and material, support during investor pitch, advice on governance and management structures.

Regional Queensland services company – Viability assessment, advice on business and growth strategies, financial, management and business development support.

Property developer - Investment assessment, due diligence support, development of governance frameworks, management of transaction settlement activities including legal and stakeholder management, HR support and planning for post-acquisition transition.

Contemporary artist - Advice on commercialisation strategies, business and financial models.